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Damage causes of plate heat exchanger

2021-11-26 11:10:40

Plate heat exchanger is an efficient heat exchange equipment. Compared with other equipment, plate heat exchanger has the characteristics of high heat exchange coefficient, less heat loss, small floor area, compact and lightweight structure, convenient maintenance and cleaning, long service life and so on. Of course, the plate heat exchanger is not perfect, but also has its own shortcomings or use restrictions. For example, the pressure shall not exceed 2.5MPa; The temperature shall not exceed 250 ℃; No heat exchange for larger particles and long fibers; It cannot be used under extremely corrosive conditions; Easy to jam, etc.

Today, we mainly understand a common problem of plate heat exchanger: damage of sealing gasket. Heat exchanger plate is one of the important components of plate heat exchanger, which mainly plays a sealing role between heat exchanger plates. If the gasket is damaged, leakage will occur, affecting the normal operation and use safety of the equipment. There are probably three reasons for gasket damage: pressure, temperature and time. Let's take a look at the specific situation.

1. Pressure: within the rated working pressure range, abnormal impact load occurs in the system, and the instantaneous pressure peak caused by impact is often about 2 times higher than the normal working pressure, causing the displacement of the rubber gasket installed in the plate heat exchanger and the sealing failure of the plate heat exchanger.

2. The rapid change of temperature can also lead to gasket failure. When the temperature changes rapidly, the linear expansion coefficient, elastic deformation and tightness preload of the rubber gasket will not match, resulting in the reduction of the sealing preload, resulting in the pressure bearing capacity of the device being much lower than the rated design pressure.

3. Time: for equipment with long service life or idle time, the sealing material itself will be aged, which will affect the sealing reliability. Therefore, the maintenance opportunity should be used to replace the new sealing gasket in time.

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