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How to assemble plate heat exchanger

2021-11-26 11:07:00

Users who often use plate heat exchangers know that due to the structure and use characteristics of the equipment, they need to be cleaned regularly to avoid internal scaling and blockage, which will affect the normal use of the equipment. Sometimes the plates of cleaning equipment need to be disassembled, so we should install them correctly after cleaning. Today, let's learn how to correctly assemble the heat exchanger plates.

1. The installation is distinguished according to the angle direction. The plates of the heat exchanger are divided into large angle, small angle and large and small angle. If the angle of one plate of Di is upward, the angle of the two plates of Di should be downward. Follow the principle of countercurrent of the plate heat exchanger and increase the medium to realize the state of turbulence.

2. Press the sealing gasket in along the sealing groove of the plate and hang it. Each unit operates in this way. After the sealing gasket is hung, a two-way seal is formed on the plate. Di one plate is called plate A and di two plates are called plate B. the principle is that if the two-way seal of plate a is on the left, the two-way seal of plate B is on the right.

3. Clean the parts, wipe the residual glue in the groove before bonding the sealing gasket with the groove, apply synthetic resin adhesive to the plate, and then press in the sealing gasket.

4. During the installation process, the damage of the sealing gasket of the plate must be checked. One plate must be installed one plate. If the inspection and replacement of the sealing gasket are ignored, there may be leakage during the pressure test operation.

5. There are more than 160 plates on each heat exchanger. On the basis of checking the sealing gasket, multiple people cooperate to install each plate to ensure that the plate is installed in place without leakage.

6. The plates shall be alternately rotated 180 ° for stacking, and wrong installation is not allowed. The clamping bolts shall be tightened until the length of the plate bundle reaches the calculated size.

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