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Understand the main structure of lower plate heat exchanger

2021-11-25 15:29:19

Plate heat exchanger manufacturer is a new high-efficiency heat exchanger made of a series of steel sheets with certain wavy pattern. A thin rectangular frame channel is generated in the middle of each sample plate, and heat exchange is carried out according to the plate. Plate heat exchanger is an ideal machine equipment for liquid-liquid and liquid vapor heat exchanger. It has the characteristics of high heat exchange efficiency, small heat damage, compact and light structure, small land occupation, convenient installation and cleaning, universal application and long service life.

The key types of plate heat exchangers are frame type (detachable type) and brazing type. The key types of plates are herringbone corrugated plate, horizontal vertical corrugated plate and tumor plate.

Brazed heat exchanger construction

Key structure

1. Plate of plate heat exchanger and sealing gasket of plate heat exchanger

2. Fixed clamping plate

3. Theme activity clamping plate

4. Clamping anchor bolts

5. Upper guide rod

⒍ lower guide rod

⒎ rear upright

A group of plates are stacked to form a plate package with channel type. Both sides are equipped with end plates with butt joint.

The whole equipment is brazed by vacuum pump. Adjacent channels each have mobility of two substances. The plate adjacent to the middle of the channel is restrained into wavy lines. Type to strengthen the heat exchanger of two substances. In the brazed plate heat exchanger for refrigeration, the water passage is always one more than the refrigerant passage.

Plate heat exchanger

The label

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