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Heat exchanger unit

2021-11-25 14:18:45
Heat exchanger unit

The heat exchanger unit adopts industrial control calculation or intelligent temperature regulation to make the water supply temperature intelligently controlled, that is, the water supply temperature can be set according to the program and change with the outdoor ambient temperature, standard room temperature and time, with high heating efficiency and energy saving

During steam water heat exchange, condensate heat exchange section and condensate temperature control are set to make full use of the heat of condensate.

The system water replenishment adopts frequency conversion control, automatic water replenishment and voltage stabilization.

The circulating pump can operate with variable frequency

The standard modular design can select the control content according to the user's situation and reduce the investment.

Centralized digital display of operating parameters

The plate heat exchange unit has compact structure, long service life and easy installation and maintenance.

working principle:

The heat exchanger unit automatically and continuously converts the heat obtained from the primary network into domestic water and heating water required by users. That is, hot water enters the plate heat exchanger from the primary side inlet of the unit for heat exchange and flows out from the primary side outlet of the unit; After the dirt is removed by the filter, the return water at the secondary side enters the plate heat exchanger through the circulating water pump at the secondary side for heat exchange to produce hot water at different temperatures such as heating, air conditioning, floor heating or domestic water, so as to meet the needs of users.

After filtration and decontamination, the secondary water enters the heat exchanger through circulation and is heated by steam or high-temperature water for heating. After steam or high-temperature water enters the plate heat exchanger, it becomes condensate or high-temperature return water and returns to the heat source for loop circulation of primary and secondary heating systems. The make-up pump injects soft water into the system to keep the system pressure constant.

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