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Large heat exchange unit

2021-11-25 14:20:43
Large heat exchange unit

Application structure of heat exchange unit

1. Temperature control

The electric regulating valve is used to control the flow of the primary network to keep the outlet of the secondary network at the set temperature.

The self-supporting temperature regulating valve is used to control the flow of the primary network to maintain the set temperature at the outlet of the secondary network.

Automatically adjust the outlet temperature of the secondary network according to the outdoor temperature.

2. Pressure and differential pressure control

Secondary side supply and return water pressure difference control and secondary side return water pressure control

3. Automatic water replenishment

Variable frequency water replenishment: the output of the frequency converter is controlled by the pressure signal of the return water of the secondary network to achieve automatic water replenishment and maintain the constant pressure of the system.

The electric contact pressure gauge is used for electrical control, and the upper and lower limits of the secondary network system pressure compared with previous years are used to control the start and stop of the make-up pump, so as to maintain the constant pressure of the system.

4. Local optimization

Return water temperature limit, heat flow (water flow) limit, return water temperature difference limit, scaling detection

5. Display alarm

The temperature, pressure, heat, flow, outdoor temperature and other parameters at the inlet and outlet of the primary and secondary network are monitored and controlled automatically by microcomputer, and the system overpressure, motor overheating, power phase loss, dirt remover blockage, etc. are automatically alarmed.

6. Communication function

The controller of the unit has a standard 485 communication interface, which can collect the controller parameters of the power station through the next round patrol with the monitoring center in the active and passive mode, and upload them in time when the controller gives an alarm.

7. The function of the control area of the unit is determined according to the actual situation of the heat exchange station, which can be unattended.

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