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Main forms of plate heat exchanger

2021-11-26 11:24:41

Plate heat exchanger is the core element of plate heat exchanger. The heat exchange of cold and hot fluid occurs on the plate, so it is a heat transfer element. In addition, it bears the pressure difference on both sides. Since the emergence of plate heat exchanger, various forms of corrugated plates have been conceived to obtain corrugated plates with high heat exchange efficiency, low fluid resistance and large pressure bearing capacity.

(1) Common forms

The plates are divided according to the geometry of corrugations, including horizontal straight corrugations, herringbone corrugations, oblique corrugations and other corrugated plates; According to the flow form of fluid between plates, there are corrugated plates with tubular flow, banded flow and mesh flow.

(2) Special form

In order to meet the needs of various projects, some special plates and special plate heat exchangers have been developed on the basis of traditional plate heat exchangers.

1. Plate for easy loading and unloading of gasket

2. Plate for condenser

3. Plate for evaporator

4. Plate tube plate

5. Double layer plate

6. Graphite material sheet

7. Plate with wide and narrow channel

The plates of each specification have at least two plate types. The heat mixing technology can integrate the heat transfer and pressure drop of the heat exchanger to make it operate at a good working point. Internal bypass, double channel technology and unequal flow cross-sectional area assembly provide a solution for the working conditions with large difference in medium flow on both sides. Ard plate heat exchanger has several major series and more than 100 plate types, such as AB series, am series, Al series, AP Series and as series. Various models have deep ripple, shallow ripple, large angle, small angle, etc., which can fully meet the needs of different users. Special working conditions can be specially designed and manufactured according to the needs of users.

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