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The temperature of the heat exchanger unit has to be determined by that

2021-11-26 10:56:52

Cheap heat exchanger units have to consider the organizational structure. There is also a resonance problem, such as the oscillation of sound waves, bringing sound, etc. The heat exchange containment and shell of the heat exchange unit are made of stainless steel as a whole, with a common expansion coefficient. Its pressure bearing capacity is 1.6Mpa and temperature resistance is 400 ℃, which will not cause the deformation of the heat exchanger due to restless pressure and temperature; No temperature and pressure reduction device is required. Carbon steel is adopted throughout the shell of the volumetric heat exchanger, and the tube is red copper tube. Due to the lack of raw materials, the expansion coefficient is different, and the pipe is easy to crack at the welded junction with thermal expansion and cold contraction. In addition, most of them adopt the floating coil type, and the coil is connected and vibrated, which is easier to break the pipe, which constitutes a great trouble for the later construction.

The temperature of volumetric heat exchanger unit is often determined by the needs of this process. When it is OK to select the temperature, its value has a great effect on whether the heat exchanger unit can be economical and reasonable. When the temperature of the hot flow domestic pin and the temperature of the cold flow domestic pin are very high, the utility of heat is high, but it is effective, the heat transfer temperature difference is small, and the heat connection area is very large. Other, when the heat exchange unit determines the domestic sales temperature of the flow, the temperature stream is undesirable, that is, the temperature of the hot domestic sales is lower than that of the cold domestic sales. If it is required for the process, multiple series will be selected.

The construction and management steps of the heat exchanger unit are divided into explosion, construction and management, resettlement and other methods. Due to the mixing of the construction process, the skills are difficult. Therefore, the construction planning should be strictly formulated before the construction and management. The formation planning of the heat exchanger unit should be accurate, reasonable, almost and careful, and the technical staff plan will be studied together to ensure the success of the construction and management. The structure of the heat exchange unit is mixed and there are many parts, so the accuracy of the explosion and device is very high. For example, if the thread is stuck on the way of disassembly and assembly, it will cause severe sinking effect. Therefore, when the heat exchange unit is settled, it should be seriously about the medium accuracy and handled reasonably to avoid such obstacles.

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