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What are the common industry application fields of heat exchanger?

2021-11-26 11:26:15

Plate heat exchangers are widely used. We can see the work of plate heat exchanger equipment in many industries. Let's take a look at the common industrial application fields of plate heat exchangers?

1. Refrigeration: used as condenser and evaporator.

2. Machinery industry: all kinds of quenching liquid cooling, reducer lubricating oil cooling, etc.

3. Textile industry: viscose filament alkali water solution cooling, boiling nitrocellulose cooling, etc.

4. Central heating: waste heat of thermal power plant, district heating, heating bath water.

5. HVAC: intermediate plate heat exchanger used with boiler, intermediate heat exchanger of high-rise building, etc.

6. Food industry: fruit juice sterilization and cooling, animal and vegetable oil heating and cooling, etc.

7. Metallurgical Industry: heating or cooling of aluminate mother liquor, cooling of steelmaking process, etc.

8. Power industry: high voltage transformer oil cooling, generator bearing oil cooling, etc.

9. Grease process: soap base is dried under atmospheric pressure, and various process fluids are heated or cooled.

10. Chemical industry: soda ash industry, synthetic ammonia, alcohol fermentation, resin synthesis, cooling, etc.

11. Paper industry: bleaching process, heat recovery, heating and washing slurry, etc.

12. Others: petroleum, medicine, shipping, seawater desalination, geothermal utilization.

Because the plate heat exchanger has some uniqueness in manufacture and use. Therefore, at present, plate heat exchanger has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, light industry, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, energy and other industrial fields, and has become a competitive variety in the heat exchanger family. China began to produce plate heat exchangers in the 1960s. So far, plate heat exchangers have been widely used in many fields in China.

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