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Plate heat exchanger

2022-07-13 10:55:51
Plate heat exchanger

Plate heat exchanger has the advantages of energy saving, stability, compact structure and convenient operation and maintenance. It is widely used in heating, bathing, air conditioning, hydraulic system, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, pharmacy, food, papermaking, shipbuilding, marine development and other fields.

The working principle of plate heat exchanger is that cold and hot media transfer heat through heat exchange plates for heat exchange, so as to reduce the temperature of hot media and increase the temperature of cold media, so as to realize the cooling, heating, condensation and evaporation of media.

Plate heat exchanger is composed of heat exchange plates, sealant pads, fixed clamping plates, upper and lower guide rods, movable clamping plates, clamping bolts and other main parts. Four corners of the heat exchange plate are provided with corner holes, grooves for installing sealant pads are pressed around and at the upper and lower corner holes, and herringbone corrugations are pressed in the middle part.

During installation, the heat exchange plate embedded with sealant pad is hung on the guide rod between the fixed clamping plate and the movable clamping plate and clamped with clamping bolts. The corrugation directions of two adjacent heat exchange plates are opposite, and the intersection points of corrugations support each other to form cold and hot medium flow channels that are not connected with each other. The cold and hot media flow reversely in the channel, and turbulence is formed due to the action of ripple and cross support points, so as to obtain very high heat transfer efficiency.

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